Friday, May 15, 2009


We have been using Sue Patrick's Workbox System for about a month.

What we love:
  • We are are using more of the games, puzzles and fun learning items that we have around the house.
  • Emily has one box where she works with Aiden. She loves to be the teacher.
  • She can see that there are fun things coming up and will stay on track to get her math and reading done.
  • I have lots of art books and workbooks that have just been sitting on the shelf. I have actually starting using them. (Emily is only in Kindergarten, and I wonder how I have already accumlated so much stuff.)
  • It keeps us on schedule.

What we have changed:

  • I have to admit that we only used 12 of the boxes for about two weeks then cut it back to 6 (9 on a really good day). I love the system but it would take us from 8:00 am until lunch to complete 12 boxes.
  • One of the main purposes of the workboxes is for the child to learn to work more indepedently and since Emily is not able to read directions I decided it was best to slow down a little.

This is something we are going to continue to use next year. I am even planning on adding a set for Aiden (3 at the most) since he wants to do what Sissy is doing.

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Jolanthe said...

I'm looking forward to seeing her at convention (she's going to be a vendor there)...and implementing this next year too!

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