Monday, July 27, 2009

Game Plan for Little Man 2009-2010

Aiden has already been asking “Can we do school?” I don’t want things too structured but I know that I need to use some sort of curriculum to help me keep things fun and exciting for Aiden. We have been doing some Tot School and I plan on continuing our educational play. I found a great website with free curriculum from Brightly Beaming Resources. I am going to use the Preparatory Curriculum which is intended for 2-4 year olds. I printed the Lesson Plans and had it bound.Along the Way

Each week you teach about about:

    • Theme such as cows.
    • Vocabulary word that goes with the theme (ex. calf)
    • Nursery rhyme (ex. Hey diddle, diddle)
    • Letter
    • Number
    • Shape/Color

The curriculum also lists books to go with the theme. What I love about this curriculum beside that it is FREE is that you create a learning poster with everything you are teaching that week. This is a visual reminder for me to spend time each day reviewing what he is learning.

Aidens Learning Poster

I also plan on using Kumon workbooks to help with tracing, cutting and pasting. Emily LOVED these!

Cut and Paste I made some fun file folder games. I found a great, almost free to make, file folder game at The Snails Trail to teach him his name. (I love free paint swatches!)Name FF Game

I used some cute rocket die cuts from the Dollar Tree and made a number match game. Rocket FF Game

Of course we will add some fun crafts along the way!


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