Friday, July 31, 2009


I have so many projects that I want to complete before the end of summer!  As the days pass and our school year quickly approaches items are being added to the list instead of being crossing off!  Every time I attempt to clean or organize I am interrupted by kids fighting, someone needing something, crying, etc, etc.!   Anyone else have this problem?

Well, I am determined to get some things crossed on my list before we start school.

Top priority is our school/play room.  I am really embarrassed to show pictures of it, but here goes.  This is what the room looked like while we were homeschooling this year. 




This is what it looks like now! (GASP!)

School Play Room

The problem….I love the idea of a school room however this room is in our basement and it’s just not convenient.  All of our school supplies, books, and crafts seem to migrate up to the dining room table.  This room has turned into our don’t know where to put it room!  I would love to be able to move everything upstairs to our dining room but I just don’t have the space.   The plan for this next week is to spend at least 30 minutes every day getting rid of stuff we don’t need and figure out how to better use this space!


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