Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wet Felting

This is one of those ~ why didn’t I try this before crafting experiences!   I found a wet felted water lily at Wee Folk Art I decided it was time to give it a try.   

My first attempt at wet felting a water lily.wet felt water lily

It was very easy to make and scrubbing the wool roving was quite relaxing.

wet felt water lilyDirection for making the water lily and reeds can be found on Wee Folk Arts website. 

You can check out how I will be using the water lily and reeds in my What’s in the Tub? post Monday at Totally Tots.

The kids saw how much fun I was having and immediately wanted to join in so I let them wet felt soap.

What You Need:

  • hot water (as warm as little hands can stand) and dish soap
  • wool roving
  • bar of soap

Wet felting soapWhat You’ll Do:

Wrap the bar of soap in several thin layers of wool roving.

wet felting soap

Once you have the wool in place, hold the wool in place with both hands and dip it in the hot, soapy water a couple of times, gently squeezing the water out.

wet felting soap

Once the wool is tacked down hand it over to the kids so the can rub, rub, RUB!  You will need to dip it into the hot, soapy water occasionally.  It may feel like it’s not working just keep rubbing!

wet felting soap Once the wool has felting, let the soap dry completely on a drying rack.

wet felting soap

Next up needle felting! 


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