Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little House on the Prairie Peg Family

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest and thought ~ I could do that!  Well, I found two cute little Little House on the Prairie peg families (here and here) and decided to make a set since we are reading the Little House on the Prairie books and doing the Prairie Primer.


Emily painted the log cabin (which came from Michaels) and I got busy painting the family.


I still need to find a small peg and paint baby Carrie but, I love the rest of our Ingles family.  I will admit that it took me over 2 hours to paint them due to a little mishap.  I had just finished Pa and set him to the side when I bumped him and he went face first into white paint.

IMG_6150_edited-1I think they will be a fun addition to our Little House on the Prairie studies!



Anonymous said...

Ohh my word!! So cute!! Emily did a great job too :-)

Mama Jenn said...

Too stinkin' cute!!!

Nikki said...

This is really cute! We just finished "Little House in the Big Woods" this week and will start "Little House on the Prairie" next week. I really want my son to build a model, but that cabin you found at Michaels is so cute!

Christina said...

I love your little painted family! Check out for wood products if you need a wooden baby. I just bought my dd a little wood family, wooden acorns, wooden eggs, etc from there. Shipping was rather quick and I am happy with the quality.

Teena said...

Oh wow, Cindy... how cute. Just found your blog... from Corina's.

We are also doing the Little House books and the Prairie Primer. My boys love the books... we made butter. I think they would love building the cabin. May be near Michael's tomorrow...

where did you get your little people?

LOVE your blog. :)


Sarah said...

So cute!!!

Mrs. G said...

I love it!!! Great idea!!!

Rachel (new member)

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