Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Robot Costume


We have had a fun week talking, reading, learning, and playing with robots.  Our craft project this week was to make a robot costume.

I cut the bottom, arm holes and a hole for Aiden’s head in a box.  Then I let Aiden paint the box silver.


After the box was dry we made and added a fuel gauge,


a heart, which is hidden under a flap, and all sorts of shapes cut out of construction paper.


Daddy was nice enough to stop by Lowes and purchase some dryer vent hose for Aiden to wear on his arms.  We taped the ends with silver electrical tape so Aiden would be poked by any sharp pieces.  Then Aiden geared up and voile ~ his robot costume.


Super easy and Aiden LOVES it!



Anonymous said...

Adorable!! Nice job! said...

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