Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snowy Day Sensory Tub

To go along with the book we are reading this week, Snowy Day, Aiden helped me put together a Snowy Day sensory tub.


What We Used:


We poured the Insta-Snow into our container and I let Aiden add the water. 


As soon as you add the water you can see the snow puff up ~ seriously, it is so fun to watch!


We added Peter and his friend


and some wooden houses.  Aiden made it “snow” so the tops of the houses were covered.


The he plowed the street and we talked about how high the snow was on the sides of the road.


Aiden tried to make prints in the snow but you couldn’t see them so we grabbed some of our snow play dough and he made prints with his fingers. 

Aiden found Peter’s stick in the snow and helped Peter hit the tree with it.


Peter and his friend then had a snowball fight (without the big kids). 


Aiden had fun retelling the story and playing in the tub. 


I will say that the plastic tablecloth or some kind of drop cloth on the floor is a MUST!!  This stuff is messy.  Another note ~ DO NOT put an air tight cover on the snow because it will mold.  If the snow starts to dry out just add more water.



Jolanthe Erb said...

Brilliant you {who came up with the tub AFTER I finished the Snowy Day}.

Coincidence??? :)

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love your sensory tubs so much!! Jolanthe's comment cracked me up :-)

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