Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My 3 Year Old Has A Comb Over

This is what happens when a certain three year old wakes up to go to the bathroom and finds a pair of scissors. 

IMG_3452  Do you see the bald spot?

I took him to the hair dresser to see if we could salvage his hair.  The choices ~ shave ALL his hair OFF or trim it, leaving the part a little longer to comb over his bald spot.  I love my little guys curls so I opted for the comb over.

IMG_3554Yes, his hair is still long on the sides but unfortunately he also cut a small spot on the side REALLY short so I had to leave the sides long enough to cover his handy work!

I was not home when this happened but I can’t blame hubby ~ Aiden has cut his hair before when I was home with him.   I really hope he has learned his lesson and yes, EVERY pair of scissors we own are under lock and key!



Ticia said...

My daughter did the same thing earlier this summer. She didn't cut it as short as him, but I almost cried, and then I laughed a lot.

Carrie said...

He's precious!!! I don't blame you, I'd keep the curls, too!!

When my older son was little, his hair fell off on the sides and the top kept getting longer ... and longer. We started getting comb-over jokes ... even from strangers!! I finally broke down and cut his hair. :(

At least it will grow back, right?! It's only for a time!! Hope you're having a great week, Cindy!!

Jo Ann said...

Oh no! :) It doesn't seem like you can tell with the "comb over" and I love his curls too. I'm hoping we avoid having one of these incidents in our house over the next few years!

Unknown said...

I must say, this led me to giggling this morning! He has BEAUTIFUL hair, and I think it is never to early to educate your son about the "joy" of a comb over...

Anonymous said...

oohh no!! He still looks cute as a button! What a stinker! I am now going to moved all of our scissors!!

michelle said...

I agree ~ he is still adorable with those curls! Malachi has tight little ringlets ~ I would not have wanted to cut them off either!

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