Monday, June 21, 2010

Homeschool ~ Summer Plans

We have enjoyed a few weeks of NO SCHOOL!   Although I don’t plan on doing much with the kids this summer, there are a few things we are going to work on.


Math:  Games ~ lots of games!  Emily’s favorite game right now is Monopoly Junior.  I would like to find a game that works on telling time.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Language: We started using First Language Lessons in the middle of the year so we need continue doing a couple of lessons each week in order to catch up.

Spelling:  We switched to All About Spelling after reading all of the wonderful reviews ~ so glad we did!  Emily actually loves spelling so we are going to continue doing at least one lesson a week. 

Science:  I really want to start doing more nature studies and drawing with the kids.  We are also going to be doing some FUN science experiments.


This summer our plans are to read, read, read, and play.   I’m working on some printables  ~ will see if Aiden is in the mood to do them!


The kids may not be doing much this summer but I have a LONG list of things to do. First thing on the list is to organize our school/playroom and finalize our curriculum choices for next year.  

What do have planned for the summer? 



Elise said...

Sorry, I can't offer any ideas on games that work on telling the time.

Fun science experiments sound exciting.

I hope you all enjoy your summer break.

The chair, table and cottage made out of sticks are adorable.

Montessori For Learning said...

I love the twig idea. My son loves to create things and we have used everything we can around the house.
Thanks for the idea.


Anonymous said...

I bet you could create a fun file folder game on telling time! I hope to plan out our themes for next year. I think I am going to do a theme for 2 weeks then move on to something else. So I would love to plan out the themes then start to gather resources.. or if I actually take the time create some of them :-)

The Mom I Want To Be said...

We really like Sink the Sight Words game from Lakeshore. I plan on making extra game boards for it for telling time, money, etc..|2534374302100477~~f|/Assortments/Lakeshore/ShopByCategory/language/earlyreading.jsp?icid=PD_CS2_DD780X

I wonder how long it will be before I can no longer resist jumping on the All About Spelling bandwagon!

Sounds like a fun summer!

[I love how your owl image appears in my firefox tabs] did you do that or did Jolanthe set it up?--THANKS!!]

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