Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Reading ~ Magic Tree House Series

Emily and I recently started reading the Magic Tree House series.  I had heard really good things about the books ~ now I know why.  We are both LOVING the books!  If you are not familiar with the books they are about a brother and sister, Jack and Annie, who discover a magic tree house where books transport them to all kinds of places and adventures.  The series has a great mix of history, mystery, and adventure. 

To keep track of our travels I printed out the Magic Tree House Passport to Adventure.  After reading each book Emily can earn a passport stamp by answering trivia questions about the book.


Would you like to win a Magic Tree House for your own backyard?  The Magic Tree House is having a Passport to Adventure Essay Contest and the grand prize is an official Magic Tree House worth $5,000.  How cool would that be?    The contest is open until October 31st ~ for kids ages 7 to 14.  You can learn more about the contest here.



Christy said...

I also found that they have a "study guide" type book that goes along with each book! I think we may be getting them to go along with our geography studies this year! :) Thanks for your vote of confidence in their wholesomeness - you never know these days!

Corina said...

My son LOVES those books, too! He devoures them over and over.....and then likes to test us with his knowledge!

Anonymous said...

oo very fun! A friend of mine loves reading this with her son! Sounds like something I will certainly have to remember for when Sammy is older! Do you know of any great read alouds for Sammy's age.. that are longer that we could read parts of at a time?

kewkew said...

I had some of these books for my son (the 18 year old) years ago, he might still have them. I really liked them myself. What age would you say this series is good for for reading aloud?

Davene said...

Josiah loves these books! And I love how Jack and Annie are kind and respectful to each other--not degrading like some modern brother/sister duos are portrayed. :)

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