Friday, June 25, 2010

Nature Shelf

We recently borrowed the book Anna’s Table by Eve Bunting from the Library.  During the past week this book has been read over and over and it has become one of our favorites.  The book is about Anna, who collects wonderful nature treasures and displays them on a table in her room.  Each item has a story and cherished memory tied to it.imageDid you collect nature items as a child?  I did ~ dead bugs, feathers, and rocks were a few of my favorites. 

My daughter also has a collection of nature finds, most of them tucked into boxes in her room.  Treasures that Emily decided needed to be displayed.   We have a small house and while we didn’t have room for a table, we did add a shelf to her wall.  She pulled some of her treasurer out of hiding and carefully arranged each one on her new shelf.


Some of her treasurers include sea shells and a picture of dolphins,IMG_2877

small sea shells found during our early morning walks on the beach,IMG_2879

lavender she picked at Grandma’s, IMG_2882

a rock collection,IMG_2878 

two beautiful rocks painted by our neighbor, who is an artist, IMG_2881

and her newest find, a dead horse fly.IMG_2957

Each item displayed on her nature shelf has a story and memory to go along with it, just like Anna.  She can recall with detail where she found each item, who was with her, and anything she has learned about it.

The next time my kids bring me yet another rock or bug I’m going to stop and take the time to listen to them.  To look at their treasurer as they do ~ with wonder.  To listen to their story.  It just might be a cherished memory in the making!  



Ticia said...

Their nature shelf looks much prettier than my nature mess ever did.

Jolanthe said...

Love this! :) The girls have two shelves in their room that have baby mementos on {which they could care less about!}. This would be great to put there.

Anonymous said...

oo very neat! I love that they each have a story. Yuck duck has yet to make it to the dump if you would like to put him on the shelf *gag*! Posting about him next week ;-)

Nikki Olivier said...

That's a great idea! I also have a little girl who likes to display her collections. I've been thinking of how to display them without the space for a table-a shelf would be a great space saver!

Cathy said...

What a touching and well written post. Thanks for reminding us to stop and take time to listen the the story and treasure those special moments of childhood.

Your fan,
Cathy aka The Attached Mama

Rebecca said...

Dead bugs?! LOL!

Laura O said...

This is a fantastic way to let a child showcase their finds. Far classier than the piles of rocks my boys had tossed around the deck when we lived in Maryland. I suspect it won't be long before they have new finds here in Alaska.

Also, welcome on board the TOS Crew this year.

FM Laura

musicalmary said...

I have a daughter just like this, named Anna! I will have to find this book. Thank you!

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