Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rock Art

The kids have been collecting LOTS of rocks.  What do you do with them?  Get out some paint, maybe a glue gun and have fun!  Here are some of the kids masterpieces.

Emily painted a snapping turtle.

IMG_3085  Rock Art 

Aiden decided to keep things simple and keep his rock ~ pretty blue!

  IMG_3086 IMG_3099

Aiden and I made some silly faces with one of our wood blocks and river rocks.


A big moment for Emily ~ I let her use the glue gun for the first time.  She is SO my daughter!  IMG_3062

Her creation ~ a rock man.

Rock Art

We still have LOTS of rocks ~ guess I need to come up with some more ideas!



(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

super cool rock man!

child central station said...

Love it! Rock creations are always so much fun!

Ticia said...

Awesome rock creations! I love projects like that.

Carrie said...

Hi, Cindy! I found your blog through the Heart of the Matter Blogroll. I've been trying to cut back on the number of blogs I follow, but yours is just too cute! You have TONS of great ideas!

Anonymous said...

oo very fun! I love Emily's masterpiece! Aidan's rock turned out great as well!

Amanda said...

What a very nice post!
hi, Amanda here. I found your blog from Virginia Lee's blog. What a creative little blog you have. I really enjoyed the rock art. We love collecting rocks and I must say that I am inspired to get out the hot glue gun!
I have made my blog private and if you would like an invitation to visit please email me at:

Jolanthe said...

Love Aiden's blue rock. :) And Emily's rock man is ever-so-wonderful.

Need to hide my glue gun before the girl's find it...

Davene said...

I love how Emily's tongue is sticking out as she concentrates. So cute! :)

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