Sunday, July 25, 2010

Science Sunday: Rocks and Gems


The kids decided they wanted to learn about rocks when they found a Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig kit at Michaels.  We purchased the kit, took it home and got our materials ready.


The kids geared up

 IMG_2857 IMG_2856

and started digging for rocks and gems.

IMG_2858 IMG_2861

They had fun digging but the rocks and gems were a disappointment because they were teeny tiny. We found a total of 11 gems and rock.  We tried to identify all of them ~ which we did not succeed in doing.  They were so tiny it was hard to see the different colors, etc. in the stones.


We ended by reading Let’s Go Rock Collecting and talking about the different kinds of rocks.

Next Sunday I will post about the experiments we did to demonstrate how sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are formed.

For more fun with science, check out Science Sunday at Adventures in Mommydom.



alecat said...

Oh, what a shame it was a disappointment. :(
I'm looking forward to your future post on the experiments.
Catherine (aka alecat, Australia)

Ticia said...

That's a shame. I wonder if you could do similar by putting it in plaster of paris, but putting more stuff in.

Nikki Olivier said...

Hi Cindy, thought you may like to look at a post I did on our gem stone factory visit-my children are 5 and 3 so they look about the same age as yours. Here's the link:
I'm sure your children could learn something from it.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it would have been a lot of fun.. I know Sammy would have loved to smash things up ;-). Disappointing the stones were so small! Pretty sure I passed a kidney stone that size ;-)

Rebecca said...

This looks super fun! And i just realized im on your blog list- thanks so much!!

Jolanthe said...

fun...even though it had a tiny output. :)

Apryl said...

Just wanted to let you know, you won a blog award:

Apryl said...

Just wanted to let you know, you won a blog award:

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