Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Goals

If you have been following my blog for awhile, I’m sure you have noticed that things have been very quiet!  No posts about lessons or what we have been doing.  So just what have I been doing?  I have been dealing with a certain four year that has been having some very alarming tantrums, and truthfully it has just sucked the energy right out of me!  My son is so different from my daughter.  Emily wants to held and cuddled when she was upset.  Aiden needs to be left alone to work things out.  If you try and hold him, he lashes out ~ kicking and screaming! 

So what does this have to do with my December  goals?  While caring and worrying about my kids, I have neglected my poor husband and myself.  So, my top priorities are:

  • Find a babysitter and plan a date night with my hubby (at least every other week)!
  • Get a head start on Bible in 90 days, which starts January 3rd.

We are going to be homeschooling this month, however it is going to be a light month ~ reading, baking and crafts.  I’m really hoping this will be a relaxing month, where I can focus on the family and take some steps to create a calmer environment.  This brings me to my other goals for the month:

  • Declutter the house.  Seriously, the thought of more toys and stuff coming in the house causes me to have a panic attack!
  • Menu planning ~ why did I ever stop this? 
  • Establish some new rhythms in our home:
    • Monday ~Baking
    • Tuesday ~ Crafts
    • Wednesday ~ Handiwork
    • Thursday ~ Head outside to explore
    • Friday ~ Family day
    • Saturday ~ Cleaning and errand day
    • Sunday ~ Rest

Are you homeschooling this month?  What are you goals?



Sandy @ The Mommy's Place said...

We are homeschooling this month but on the light side as well.

Organizing trying hard to keep up but not doing a good job.

I too dread the thought of more toys coming into the home.

I am just going to relax and stop trying so hard and just enjoy the season. We had a rough time from June to October with foster kids and honestly now am just enjoying my family.

Love your blog by the way

Susana said...

We are homeschooling very lightly this month. Our focus is much the same as yours--the Savior, baking and crafts--spending time together. I am very type A, so I'm trying my best to tell myself that no, my kindergartner will not forget how to read and write in this time off:-).

I also wanted to tell you my 5 year old deals with being hurt or upset in the same manner as your 4 year old. It is very, very upsetting to me and very hard to handle. I know exactly how you feel.

I hope all of your December goals are productive and that it is a very fun and memorable month for your family too.

Joy said...

We are homeschooling a little this month, but it will be a light load. My goals are very similar to yours for the week. I am excited that it is December!

Carissa Blanchard said...

Hang in there! It's easier to deal with a temper tantrum in a 4 year old than a 14 year old!

I'm making the kiddos work extra hard the next three weeks...I'm teaching high school now! :o) But I am doing a unit study on the 12 days of Christmas with my littles and I am reading 2 advent books to all the kids. I am so looking forward to our 2 weeks off!

And I'm just like you, the idea of more stuff coming into the house causes me a lot of stress! So I've been doing the same thing--decluttering, I think I've taken 4 loads to Goodwill already!

Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

Great goals! A date night will be so helpful to you! And just a sugestion with your de-cluttering- i actually go through the kids toys and stuff every bday and christmas and we donate a bunch. It makes me feel alot better about bringing new things in. And it teaches kids about donating. And to get them to help i remind them that we need room for the new toys that will be coming in :)

i cant decide said...

You have a busy month scheduled. We will homeschool until the older boys are out of school. I haven't figured out what we will do with our two weeks off. I like your weekly schedule, looks good!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some awesome goals for this month! Get some you time in there too! Sammy is in a very tough stage right now as well and sounds just like Aiden and wants to be left alone.. oo the exhaustion!

Lynn said...

I love your idea of a daily focus. I wonder if it would work for our house. It sounds like fun.

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