Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arctic and Antarctic Study

We have been studying the Arctic the for the past two weeks.  Some of the books we have been reading include:

We also used the following websites to find out more information about the animals of the arctic, Arctic Animals,  and Arctic Studies Center

Emily created an arctic diorama using a shoe box.


She made the animals out of Crayola Model Magic Clay (love this stuff!).  They include:


an arctic owl


an arctic fox, arctic bunny and a den for the polar bear. We included a polar bear that we already had.

Our only discussion so far about the Antarctic has been penguins.  We read Penguins by Gail Gibbons and drew penguins using Draw Write Now.


We will continue to discuss the Antarctic the remainder of the week.

1 comment:

Davene said...

She did a good job with those animals!

Have you seen March of the Penguins? It's a great movie and would fit in well with your Antarctic study. Which reminds's been a couple of years since I've seen it. Time to pull it out again and let the boys watch it since they would actually remember it this time. :)

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