Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Workboxes revisited

By the end of last year we had gotten away from using workboxes. Mainly because they took up so much space and Aiden was constantly pulling things out of them. The solution..a new cart for Emily’s workboxes.


This cart doesn’t take up as much space and Aiden is not rearranging or hiding the contents. I have also stopped using the schedule strip. We finish much earlier and will less complaining if we just go through all of the boxes without stopping. We can finish all of the boxes in 2 – 2 1/2 hours. In the evening we usually finish an art project, read or play games.

We have gotten so much done the past two weeks and for the most part Emily has enjoyed everything. We both love the workboxes! Things just seem to flow better when we use the workboxes. I am using more games and fun activities. Things that I just didn’t know how to incorporate into our daily lessons before, such as cooking. Emily loves to cook and help in the kitchen so once a week I add her favorite cookbook to a workbox. She gets to pick out two recipes, one “real food” recipe and one dessert. She then has to make a grocery list. When we go to the grocery store she has to compare prices and decide what to buy.

I also set up a little area for Aiden with his own “workboxes”.


He can pick what he wants to work on. I usually change them once a week. Aiden has not been interested in doing much of anything lately. He will sit and cut or paint for a few minutes and then decide he is finished. I have even been willing to pull out the messy crafts to keep him occupied but nothing has held his interest. He currently has the following in his boxes:

-sticker scene

-paint swatches to cut

-Oreo shape matching game

-Hand/clothes pin color matching (found it on Itsy and can’t find the link)

-Lauri number express train


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