Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Blog,

I know I have completely ignored you!  I have thought of you often, taken pictures, composed posts in my head but I am sorry to say you were not a priority last year.  I was dealing with a lot and truthfully felt like an unworthy wife, daughter, mom and teacher.  I let little demons creep into my head and life.  The next thing I knew I was so busy (doing who knows what) that I stopped doing quite time in the mornings and consulting God on decisions I had to make.  So what changed?   God’s word re-entered my life (God never left me!) and I realized that my priorities were off.  

Dear Blog, you are still not on the top of my priority list but I have missed you and want to let you know what I’m doing with the kids.  So, the plan for 2010 is to post more often, worry less about content, and have fun with you.



1 comment:

Joesette said...

Great, honest post! Glad you're back and that things are going well!

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