Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Human Body

I am letting Emily decide what science and history subjects she wants to study for the remainder of the year.  Over the weekend she discovered a human skeleton model that I found at Big Lots for $5. 


Since she seemed interest in putting it together and learning the names of the bones we decided to continue studying about the human body, germs and nutrition.

This is what we have studied so far:


We read The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body.  We  pulled out the microscope, prepared and looked at a mouth smear and blood slide.  I am apparently getting soft as I age because I had the hardest time poking my finger for the blood sample.


We read parts of the book Uncover the Human Body Book and played with our Take-Apart Human Body Model and named all of the removable parts.

Note:  Let me apologize ahead of time if you should happen to meet my son out somewhere and he insists on telling you where poop is in your body.


We read Germs Make Me Sick and watched Inside Ralphie on The Magic School Bus – Human Body DVD.  Then we started working on the experiments in The Magic School Bus – The World of Germs Science Kit


This kit includes almost everything you need to conduct the experiments.


Emily received this as a present.  After reading some of the reviews saying the yeast experiments didn’t work,  I went ahead and replaced the yeast. 

We have only done three of the experiments and still need to observe one for a few more days so I will post more about them next week.

Plans for Thursday

Continue our science experiments and start talking about nutrition. 

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Davene said...

This all sounds great! Your kids are so blessed. :)

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