Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Pacifier

Aiden’s two loves as a baby and toddler…his blanket and his pacifier (passie).  He never gave up the blanket but he gave up the passie over 6 months ago.  We never forced him to give them up he just kept biting the ends and we would have to throw them away.  When he was down to the last passie we told him if he bit it, it was gone.  Well, you can guess what happened he bit the end off and in the trash it went.  He didn’t even fuss, just asked if we could go buy another one. 

Jump ahead 6 1/2 months……….Aiden finds a long lost passie under the sofa. 


Part of me wants to take it and throw it in the trash, after all he isn’t a baby anymore.  Then I look at this picture and think, oh, he isn’t a baby anymore (sniff, sniff).  Where have 3 years gone?    


Jenny said...

Oh Cindy, I've done it twice and then grandkids. It would be so much nicer if we could freeze time...he is precious. And I adore your blog. Did you design this header? It is really, really awesome.

Cindy said...

Thanks Jenny! I actually found this header free. As soon as I can find the link I will email it to you.

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