Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mom, Can I Have A Drink Of Water?

And so the night time battle begins!

  • I’m just going to the bathroom.
  • I need to get some paper.
  • Can I use your scissors?
  • Can I get something to eat? I’m starving!
  • I saw a spider.
  • Will you look in my closet?
  • I hear a noise outside my window.
  • Can you turn on my CD player?
  • Mom, my CD isn’t working.
  • Can I get a band-aid?
  • Mom, did we say prayers?

I think you get the idea.  Out of desperation I made Emily three Get out of Bed Passes.  I hung them beside her bed and once she has used all three, she may not come out of her room unless there is blood involved!


We have been using for a couple of weeks ~ and they are actually helping!  The first couple of nights she made sure she used all three of the passes.  Tonight she only used one.  : ) 



Cindy said...

Those are the cutest. I NEED to make some.

The Activity Mom said...

Oh thank you thank you! We NEED these. great idea. I'd like to add to the list: My toe hurts, I can't find Bear in my bed, my teeth hurt. Ahhhhhh. Glad to hear someone else is going through the same thing and it isn't just me. =) I've tried taking away his tv tickets for the next day. That stopped working. Last night we had to start taking his "friends" that he sleeps with one by one until he stopped coming out. Today I cut out the nap and he read books in bed instead for a bit and he was exhausted by 7:30 and he didn't come out at all. =)
Ok sorry to go on and on. I'm trying the passes tomorrow!

Honey said...

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I love your blog. It is very beautiful. Thankfully, we don't have bedtime issues, but I am going to pass this idea along to my sister as she might find it useful for her crew. I will also keep it in mind for when the twins get a bit older (they are only almost 2) and are in big kid beds.


Christy said...

what a great idea! I hope it continues to work! :)

Anonymous said...

oo love those!! Sammy hasnt come out of his room but he will scream for the things he wants.. ughh Gotta work on that one :-P

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