Monday, May 10, 2010

What I’ve Been Doing the Past 2 Hours or BEWARE of Gloop!

My kids LOVE the dollar section at Target!  The last time we were there they talked suckered me into buying some pink gloopy stuff that had a little plastic bug in the middle.  As I put two containers in the cart, I was thinking, should I really get this stuff?  Queue music Dum, Dum, Dummmmm!

When we got home, I laid down the ground rules: 

  • You are only allowed to play with the gloop at the table!
  • If you drop it on the floor make sure you pick it up!
  • Do not eat this stuff!

Well, my sweet daughter ignored the first rule, and during quite time she came out of her room in hysterics ~ literally!

This is what I saw.


Want a close-up?  Yep, it’s stuck down at the roots of her hair!


Luckily my Mom was here for a visit (I’m sure she would disagree that it was lucky for her).  She held the roots of Emily’s hair as I tried to gently remove the gloop.  Emily was a trooper and didn’t cry as we pulled, combed, pulled and combed some more!

Aiden was sleeping peacefully during most of the ordeal, or at least until he fell out of bed!   I checked to make sure he wasn’t hurt and went back to work on Emily’s hair.  After about two hours, the gloop was out!  Of course so was a good bit of her hair (the picture really doesn’t show how much hair was pulled out).


I went back to check on Aiden and this is what I found.


Him curled up on the floor sleeping soundly on a pee soaked rug!   Insert crazy laughter ~ really what else could I do?  So how was your day?



Joesette said...

Yeeeeeaahhh.....I've had days like that too. They are much funnier when they happen to someone else (giggle).

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes.. def. days like that. At least it was a throw rug he peed on and you didn't have to cut he hair :-P

kcmom2four said...

Wow.....I think I'll stop feeling sorry for myself already. We are at dday for potty training dd. So far she has peed all over my chair pad in the dining room, her small upholstered rocker, the least her hair is all intact..better luck for tomorrow???

Michelle said...

Oh dear. . . I can certainly relate to your ordeal - in more ways than one. Glad you got the gloop out!

Ticia said...

Oh no! how incredibly painful that would be.......
My boys have done that more than a time or two. My washer has done so many loads for that exact problem.

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, what a day. It reminded me of once when my daughter was little she was using one of those round brushes to brush her hair. She wound her hair up in it and then tried to pull it straight out. Ugh. Between my MIL and I, I think we spent like 3 hrs removing hair from 1 bristle at a time. And or course her hair was super long. Sorry about the pee peed rug. Oh well, you did the right thing, laugh!

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