Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sea Animal Soap Craft

This is one of those crafts that makes me say ~ why haven’t we done this before?  It was super easy and fun!

What We Used:


 What We Did:

  • We added the glycerin soap to a 6 cup measuring cup and melted it in the microwave. ~ it took about 3 minutes to melt.
  • We poured a small amount into each mold.
  • Emily added the sea animals and poured the remainder of the melted soap, enough to cover (or almost cover) the sea animals.  We left the fin of the shark and fish sticking out of the soap.


  • After about an hour we popped the soap out of the molds.


We added our soap to shells ~ which we are using as a soap dishes.



This is another craft that we are going to give as Christmas gifts.  Wouldn’t they be pretty if we used dried flowers?



Anonymous said...

Super fun activity! Those could make some really great presents as well!!

Heather said...

Thanks so much or linking up at Sharing Time! I hope to see more from you next week! :)
Have a great one!

Rebecca said...

So cool! I love that you used the shells as the soap holders!

Heather said...

Hey Cindy, this post will be featured on my blog tomorrow as my favourite kids' project from last week's Sharing Time. Just wanted to let you know! :)

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