Thursday, February 2, 2012

Preschool Corner ~ The Snowy Day


This was a week filled with a few wonderful distractions.  We watched our neighbors little girl one day and daddy, who has been working LOTS of overtime, was home most of the week.  The kids thought they should have the entire week off since daddy was home ~ mommy disagreed!

We did manager to get in some school during the week.  This week we had fun reading The Snowy Day and using Homeschool Creations The Snowy Day Literature Pack and 1+1+1=1’s Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter S curriculum as our main sources for learning fun. 

~Our Week~

Aiden who usually loves cutting, had a TOTAL meltdown because he was trying to cut a wavy line and he couldn’t keep his scissors on the black line.  I ended up telling him to stop and not worry about it.


The same kid, later in the week was cutting away, making snowflakes out of coffee filters. 


We filled our schoolroom windows with the pretty snowflakes.


We all had fun playing with our snow play dough and making a snow family.


Aiden who is still in robot mode, made a robot snowman.


Aiden also had fun playing in the Snowy Day sensory tub he helped me put together.

~iPod Apps~

This week Aiden played Snow Brawlin’ on the iPod


and Teach Me Kindergarten, which teaches addition, subtraction, spelling, and dolch sight words.



We were very blessed to have just enough snow the end of the week for the kids to go sledding.


Aiden loves to wear sissy’s hat ~ and he looks so cute in it! : )

~Learning Links~


While I didn’t get ANY pictures of the printable work we did this week we do so some.  Here are the links for what we used this week:

To check out more Preschool Corner posts, head on over to Homeschool Creations.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Sick Bowl

Such a lovely topic, isn’t it.  Come on you have one too, don’t you?  Our container of choice is a plastic bowl that came with a cover. 


Why I kept the cover, I don’t know but, I am glad I did.  It seems when ever we have a bug floating through the house, I am out of all the required essentials ~ like ginger ale, popsicles, etc.  The kids always seem to find my stash of said items and consume them.  So I decided to stash the essentials in the “bucket” in a ziplock bag.  IMG_6761

I like to keep the following on hand:

  • Ginger ale
  • hand sanitizer (which I keep by the door of whoever is sick)
  • Gatorade powder packets
  • freezer pops
  • Gin-Gins (these really help my kids when the have an upset stomach)

I also like to keep ginger syrup in the fridge.  We use it in teas and to make our own ginger ail.  It is super easy to make! 

So far this works for me and I am prepared and ready should the kids get sick.  What do you like to keep on hand for when you kids are sick?


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