Our Curriculum

I have decided to make some changes this year to our curriculum and the way we homeschool.  After much reading and praying I have decide to use more of a Charlotte Mason approach.  I have two children who learn completely differently and I can see how this approach will be beneficial for both of them.  For anyone not familiar with Charlotte Mason or her philosophy you can read more about it here

Aiden will be included in most of what Emily and I do this year.  Last year he sat with us during most of our school day so I decided this year I would include him.  I am always amazed at what he learns just from listening and watching Emily and I.

Both Kids:  Preschool and 2nd Grade (Almost 4 and 7)
Bible and Character ~ Character Concepts for Preschoolers and Leading Little Ones to God (Our main focus this year will be  character training.  After looking through the Character Concepts for Preschoolers lesson plans I decided to have Emily join us.  It really is a great curriculum which includes stories to go along with the character trait being taught, verses to memorize and hands on activities.)
Geography ~ Galloping The Globe along with Five In A Row
Science ~ Giant Science Resource Book along with living books.
Artist and Composer Study ~ We will be learning about one artist and composer every six weeks.  We are also using Discovering Great Artists.
Nature Study ~ Handbook of Nature Study

Emily: 2nd Grade
Math  ~ Math-U-See Beta

Aiden: Preschool
Language Arts ~ Language Lessons For Little Ones (This book teaches alphabet letters - how to recognize, write, and differentiate.  It also includes picture study, narration, and poetry readings)
History ~ Uncle Rick’s History for Preschoolers (which was included in the Character Concepts for Preschoolers curriculum kit)
Other ~ We will be adding some fun activities to go along with the books we read.
I have been busy putting the finishing touches on our school/play room and will be sharing pictures later this week.
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