Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Man is Home

Aiden is happy to be home after his surgery this morning. Everything went smoothly and we were home by 1:30. We are somehow suppose to keep his hand wrapped, dry, and clean for the next week. Yeah, right! He is not happy about the bandage and has kept himself busy trying to get it off. He did discover his little thumb sticking out of his bandages while I was laying him down and he said "Look Mommy, thumb!". He decide to pull on it which resulted in an "ouchy". It is such a relief to have the surgery over with. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prayer Request

On Thursday morning Aiden was marching with a yard stick. (As the doctor later told me no story starting like this could end well.) He somehow broke the yard stick into three pieces. He was crying and complaning about his hand. As I was checking his hands I noticed that he couldn't straighten out his thumb. So by 8:30 a.m. we were off to the doctor's office. I thought his thumb was probably just dislocated. The doctor looked at his thumb and said he had never seen anything quite like it. The top part of his thumb was locked and it tilts out just a little. Aiden has not been in any pain except for when this first happened. Well, after x-rays and a trip to UVA's Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center they have decided he has trigger thumb. Trigger thumb is basically caused by a bump on your tendon that get stuck when it goes through a pulley. The pulley allows the tendon to move and stay in place. He is scheduled to have surgery at UVA on Wednesday morning. It is a fairly simple procedure but he has to have anesthesia which worries me. I'm trying to give all of my worries to God and trust in him, but it's hard when it's your kids. The doctor did assure me that he has probably always had this, however this was the first time that Aiden had flexed his thumb down far enough that is actually locked. Of course, I still have guilt about letting march with the yard stick!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

God Continues to Amaze Me

Emily found a caterpillar the last part of August. We graciously let him have our parsley plant and decided to bring him inside when the nights started to get cooler. I failed to cover the parsley once we brought it inside and he disappeared. I figured he was eaten by one of the cats. A few days later while I was sweeping I saw something strange on the floor. It was the chrysalis. I gentle placed it in our butterfly cage and we patiently waited, and waited. After two weeks Emily decided he was dead! We held out hope because if you blew on the chrysalis it would move. Well, this morning, almost 4 months later, I was awaken by my daughter screaming. The little guy finally decided to emerge, a Black Swallowtail. His wing is crumpled on one side so even if it was summer he would have to spend the remainder of his day in our care. God is truly amazing, how could such a small creature survive for 4 months with no food or water?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cross It Off The List

Well, I've been wanting to do it...create a blog that is and tonight was the night. The kids, hubby and animals all went to bed early so I have had some quite time. I should have been cleaning the house, but documenting memories is more important than those dust bunnies lurking, right?

So here is one I'll want to remember:
Today Aiden and I were working on animals and what sound they make with his Sing and Say. I found out what our cats say.

Me: "What is this?"
Aiden: "Cat"
Me: "What does a cat say?"
Aiden: "Meow, Help me!"

Unfortunately that is probably what our cats do say most days! They are well loved, they just don't know it.
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