Friday, January 15, 2010


We had some fun painting this week. I found some great art projects at this site Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons for Kids.

In this lesson we learned about painting things when you look at them close-up. Emily wanted to repaint her snowman because she said his nose was too big. I think he is cute!


Here is Aiden’s snowman. I made the outline of the snowman and he painted it. Pretty good job for a 3 year old!


Of course I had to join in on the fun.


Our other art project this week was painting some pretty spring flowers. We used a sponge cut up into the shapes of flower petals, dipped them in paint and sponged the paint on the paper.

IMG_0933 IMG_0936

Aiden decided his was a monster instead of flowers.


On important thing that I learned while looking at the art lessons on Deep Space Sparkle’s site was that sometimes kids don’t follow your instructions, that’s ok. They are still creating art using their imagination. This is were I have had to step back and just let Emily and Aiden be creative.


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Davene said...


It's so nice to see some new posts from you. I've missed you! :)

These art projects look fantastic. I might have to check out that link, too...

~ Davene

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