Sunday, February 14, 2010

Earl The Squirrel

One of the books we read this week, as part of our study about squirrels, was Earl The Squirrel.  This is now Aiden’s favorite book!  He requests it every night when we read together.
Earl the Squirrel
In this book a squirrel named Earl, after being scolded by his mother for bringing home a nutcracker, acorn and red scarf, from a little girl who has befriended him, sets off to prove that he can find nuts on his own.  During his search for nuts he wakes up Conrad the bull, who becomes enraged when he sees the red scarf.  As Conrad attempts to charge at the red scarf and Earl he gets his horns stuck in an acorn tree, sending acorns to the ground.  Earl gets his nuts and returns home to his mother.  She pronounces the acorn to be the best nut she has ever eaten!
To go along with the book, we made our own Earl The Squirrel. 
I found the template here.  Aiden painted it and we added a red scarf made out of felt.


Joesette said...

That is totally cute!

Jolanthe said...

very, very cute!! :)

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