Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tot School – Owls

~Aiden is currently 40 months old~

What a busy week!  We were out and about much of the week, but we still managed to have lots of Tot School fun.  

Our theme this week was owls and the letter O.

Letter of the Week

Aiden painted the owl and letter O, except for Mr. Owl’s tummy, which I covered.  After it dried, I went around the O with a black marker and added eyes and feet, made from construction paper.


Book of the Week and Craft

Aiden’s favorite book this week was Owl Babies.

We made an owl house from an oatmeal container.


When we weren’t using it for one of our tot tray activities it housed our owl counters.


Another favorite book this week was Owl Moon.

Owl Moon

After we read the book, I hide our letter O owl, and we went on an owl hunt. 




Mum-mum worked with him on counting, using an Owl Number Matching Flip Book.


Aiden’s favorite activity this week was using the owl counters.   He counted them and put them in order by size.


Tot Trays

He pulled colored owls out of the owl house, naming the colors.


We worked on letter recognition.   I would say “Little owl, little owl, time to fly”.  He would grab one of our magnetic Leapfrog Letters from the house


and “fly” it to our magnetic board, where he would tell me the letter and place it on a tree. 


He played with an owl matching game


and his Melissa & Doug Shape Puzzle.  (Just for the record, I really do brush his hair in the mornings!)


Play Time

We had a couple of sunny days, so we headed outside to play.  Aiden had so much fun digging in the dirt. 


 Ah, glorious dirt something we haven’t seen in quite awhile. 

To check more Tot School posts, visit Carisa at 1+1+1=1.




Mommy Moment said...

Just thought I would leave a comment today...we have both Owl babies and Owl Moon. The kids Love them. I think I read Owl Babies EVERYDAY last month and the kids always repeated "and I want my Mommy said Bill"
So cute!
Thanks for sharing!

sbswtp said...

Great O activities!!! What a fun week! :)

Lisa said...

Love the owl hunt:)

Rebecca said...

Wow, good owl activities! How fun!

jd6405 said...

WOW! What an amazing week!! So many fun activities! I love the book Owl Babies! What a clever idea to go on your own owl hunt after reading the book Owl Moon!!

The Activity Mom said...

What a great themed week!

Dawn said...

What a neat week! If that's a busy week at your house, I'm impressed!

I love the Owl Hunt. That looks like a lot of fun! Did you make his binoculars?

By the way, I printed your Pigs In The Mud game last week, and we're looking forward to using it for our J is for John Deere theme this week! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a great week - love his Oscar shirt! I like the little owl flying letter game - great idea!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week! I love the O owl craft. I have been trying to think of some ideas for the oatmeal container lately.. I will certainly be remember the owl house when we get to O week!

Shelly said...

love every thing you did this week!!! Especially the Owls out of river rock!!!! Brilliant! I love the owl hunt.. the owl I am blown away!

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