Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Button Practice

This past week the weather has been much cooler so I pulled out Aiden’s fall clothes, many of which have buttons.  Since Aiden is always asking me to help him button his shirts I decided he could use some button practice!  When I saw the button snake that Counting Coconuts made I decided to make one ~ with a fall twist!  I guess ours is a fall leaf snake. 

I attached buttons to a piece of ribbon and cut leaves out of felt, adding a slit for the button. 


Aiden has been busy practicing his buttoning skills.


  He was so proud of himself after he buttoned on all of the leaves!



The Activity Mom said...

ahhhh those leaves are adorable! Love it! We've done the button snake before with plain squares but what a neat twist to add leaves or different shapes! =)

Insightful Brain said...

This is so creative! Thanks for sharing the idea.


Mrs. Whary said...

What a great idea. I have seen the button snake on counting coconuts too. I will have to get my greative ideas going and see if I can come up with something like this for me reschooler. Thanks for the CUTE ideas. Just as a side note, my son and I will be using your chameleon printables for our C week (probably in 2 weeks).....thanks so much - I can't wait to use them!

Counting Coconuts said...

LOVE this! Great job! Aren't button snakes the best? There are so many options for any time of the year!

Thanks for linking back to me, too!


Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I so need to make one of these! Sammy has been getting so frustrated with all of the buttons :-)

Michelle Gibson said...

I've never seen these before ~ love it! *Ü*

Ticia said...

I saw it when she did it, but the leaves are much cuter, and I still need to make it.

m.wright said...

Thanks for the great post. I will be making one of these this evening. I bought supplies to make a button board I saw months ago and never got around to it. This I can do. Love your blog!

Jolanthe said...

love those!!

Jo Ann said...

I'm going to have to make one, too! Thanks for sharing this idea, I had never seen one.

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