Friday, October 1, 2010

Preschool Corner ~ Changes to our School Room and Learning about China

image This weekend I decided that it was time to make some changes to our schoolroom.  We are trying to do more family schooling, but Aiden still needs to be able to entertain himself while I am helping my daughter with certain subjects.  I decided to give Aiden some bookcases that are filled with things he can explore and play with.

I moved the books from two of our small bookcases and filled them with things for Aiden.


His shelves currently have the following items:

I plan on changing the items every other week.


This week we had lots of fun learning about Asia and China.

We started out the week talking about the continents and where  Asia is.  He work on his world puzzle.


I traced around our Asia puzzle piece with a markerIMG_4107

then I let Aiden pin punch around it.  He absolutely loved this.  He worked on it for two days!


Next we pulled out our Asia Continent Box


and talked about some of the items, such as the abacus, chopsticks, and animals from the continent.  Aiden then matched our tube of Asian animals to the pictures.


We read the book Dragon Dance and I helped Aiden make a handprint dragon.  I traced Aiden’s hand and helped him cut them out ~ he had a few fingers missing on the first set.  I printed the dragon template and cut the pieces out.

IMG_3874-1 Aiden glued the dragon together.


Next he practiced picking up candy with chopsticks.  He was determined to get the candy picked up!  I decided to switch to the easy chopsticks!


Letters and Prewriting:

Aiden worked on spelling his name with letters that I purchase at Michaels. 


I pulled out his Kumon Book of Easy Mazes and he probably did half the book.  He didn’t want to work on writing any letters this week so I let him have fun doing as many mazes as he wanted


Fine Motor Skills ~ Locks and Keys:

This was another of Aiden’s favorite activities.  I bought some key locks and put them in a basket.


He has been playing with the since I put them out.  IMG_4122

Next week are going to be talking about Fall, which is my favorite season.  To check out more Preschool ideas and activities visit Preschool Corner!




Dorie said...

What a great week learning about China.
My son would love matching the keys and locks - I'll have to try it sometime!

Anonymous said...

What a great week! I love Aiden's new shelves of things to work on while your working with Emily :-)

melismama said...

WOW that is fantastic - what a great week of school! I love the locks and key basket, I will have to make one for my pre schooler! Have a blessed weekend!

Anissa said...

Sounds like a great week! Love the world puzzle! Thanks for sharing!

Jolanthe said...

remind me to hide the key to our medicine cabinet when he sleeps over so that he doesn't show Kaleb how to unlock it yet.

Ticia said...

love the dragon, I am so doing this with my kids.

Aude said...

Hi there. I am Aude, French but living in Ireland. I know your past is old but I was googling the web for inspiration and I came across yourlog. I am in the process of making our Asia box and my collection of items is not as attractive as yours, I ahve to admit. I am working on it!!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of us. It is so helpful. I am definitely one of your followers now. Thank you.

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