Thursday, April 8, 2010

Houses ~ Colors, Numbers and Home Address Activity

Aiden is currently learning our home address.  To make thinks fun I printed off some colored houses, one with our address on it, and the others with the numbers 1 – 10.  I taped them to wooden blocks so they would stand up.  I also made some street signs out of crafts sticks.  The base is Crayola Model Magic (have I said how much I love this stuff?).  One of the street signs is for the road we live on and the others are just for fun.

IMG_1848Learning Activities ~  We have been using the houses all week for several different activities.

Colors and Numbers:  I called out a house number, Aiden would find the house and tell me the house color and repeat the number.


Should I have called 911?:  Both the kids are learning about 911 and when it is appropriate to call.   When they found the correct color/number house they would take turns asking me what the emergency was.  I would give examples such as:

  • My cat is in the tree and I can’t get her down.
  • A rag was left on the stove and caught on fire.
  • The bathtub is overflowing.
  • Someone tried to break into our house.
  • My smoke detector was going off.

We talked over the scenarios and decided whether I should have called 911 or not.

Our House:  We practiced finding our house and road, and repeating our address.

You can download the houses here.  The last house is left blank so you can add your house number and/or address.




The Activity Mom said...

So creative! Love it !! Puts mine written on an index card to shame. =)

I like the 911 conversation idea too.

Any thoughts on how to talk about not eating or drinking random things that could be poison?
What about having the "strangers" talk? Those are two things I know I need to tackle but not sure how to go about it.

MaryAnne said...

What a cute idea! I really like the houses on blocks.

Ticia said...

great idea!

Burton Adam said...

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