Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Word Bags

Aiden is starting to understand that letters can do something exciting ~ make words!  This game is to work on the letters he has learned and words he is familiar with.  I printed his name and some other easy words, along with letter cards on index cards.  I put the words on paper bags and spread the letters out on the table.  Aiden will work on the bags from left to right, find and say each letter in the word, and put them in the bag.


After he has put all the letters in the bags we will work on one bag at a time, spelling the words.  



The Activity Mom said...

great idea!!!! love it!

Lindsay said...

What a fun activity! I think Sammy would love this!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

Looks like fun! Here's another idea when you're ready to move onto CVC words: http://givinguponacleanhouse.blogspot.com/2010/01/fun-spelling-game.html

Elise said...

I love your idea. Fun, simple (to make) and such a clever idea.

Your Earth day pendnants are also a neat idea. Like you, I am also a craft supply junkie. It always comes in very handy to have a well stocked and resourced craft cupboard!

Thank you so much for your well wishes and lovely comments you have left for the arrival of our new baby girl. I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

What a sweet blog! Your family is beautiful! I love the Earth craft. So cute!
I am following you now and would love if you follow me back.
Gros bisous

Julie said...

i really like this idea - will be doing this with Thomas!!!

The Activity Mom said...

I have a paper bag sorting post scheduled for 8/30 and am linking up to you! =)

Michelle said...

What a great idea, Emily loves writing all of our names, this would be different and fun way for her to practice spelling them!!

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