Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up ~ 5 More Weeks

The countdown has begun ~ five more weeks and we will be finished with our school year!  As I look through the pictures I have taken this year and walk around the house looking at all of the projects we have completed, I realize how much we have accomplished!  

Some highlights from our week:

This week Emily has been working her way through the Spectrum Test booklet, getting ready for year-end testing.  After looking through the Seton Test I heaved a huge sign of relieve, we have covered everything on the test!

Spelling – I was reading out words for Emily to write, giving her the word, then using it in a sentence.  She was taking forever to write the word and I wondered why.  It was because she was writing out the sentence.  She absolutely loves All About Spelling and I can see a great improvement in her reading.

Math – Emily is remembering to double check her work before handing it to me to check.  She also aced her test this week!

I have been talking about 911 and safety with both the kids this week.  We finally made an emergency plan and had a fire drill.

They tested the fire alarms.


Emily crawled through the hall during our fire drill (not sure what Aiden was doing?)


Ending on a sad note, today was our last day of co-op for the year.  I’ll miss my play dates without the kids!

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Joesette said...

I need to work on 911 with the kids. I've been know to a kid ANYTHING is an emergency.

Looks like a good week. I'm in the countdown as well. Unfortunately, we still have 5 more weeks of our co-op...bleck.

Kris said...

We LOVE All About Spelling. I've seen the kids becoming much more confident and willing to write.

Be careful with those 911 drills...did you read what I posted about our experience with that? lol

Stefanie said...

Oooh, the end is in sight! Lucky you!

I need to get our test ordered too.

Mrs. Random said...

Awesome fire drill! I did one with my kids in the fall, I should redo it to make sure everyone remembers the safety guidelines. Thanks for reminding me!

Elise said...

I recently saw your marble run / Easter egg run made from cardboard tubes on ABC 123. My children would love this game.

I have been reading through your most recent posts and am now your newest follower.

Thank you so much for your kind comments about our new baby girl that you left on my blog.

Cheryl Pitt said...

Ugh, I'm jealous. We're going to need to continue some subjects through the summer and we still have 5 more weeks of co-op.

Anonymous said...

What a great week! What a great feeling to know you covered everything on the test! Boo for now mommy only playdates!

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