Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Self Cleaning House

This morning as I was reading my emails an article in The Teaching Homes free E-Mail Newsletter caught my eye.

How To Make Your House Clean Itself

We say that it's about time someone figured this one out!

But be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted.  You have to go all the way with this one—no half measures.

First, you strip off all the flooring in all your rooms and pour concrete slabs with drain holes in the middle of each room.  (We believe that you might be able to get color-tinted concrete to go with your decor.)

Install a heavy-duty fire sprinkler system in all rooms and ask your Hubby to connect a thingamajig that you can use to add detergent into the system.

Then, make sure that all surfaces are washable and/or that books and valuables are stored safely off-site or in water-proof containers.

Now, simply set a timer for the whole thing to go off at scheduled times (or when the noise gets to a certain level).

As an added bonus, if you can surprise your family and catch them before they run outside, you can get the laundry and showers done at the same time!

April Fools!

There goes my dream of having a clean house! 

The Newsletter, which gives support to homeschoolers from a Christian perspective, continued with realistic things you can do to help clean your house. If you would like to read more sign up for The Teaching Homes free E-Mail Newsletter.


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