Friday, April 16, 2010

Preschool Corner ~ Vegetables & Gardening

Our theme this week was vegetables and gardening.


Our Bible verse this week was Genesis 1:29.  We talked about God providing everything we need.

Our letter this week was V for vegetable.  I pulled out the sandpaper letters for Aiden.  He would trace the letter then write it in a tray of dirt. 

We used the letter V playdough mat from Homeschool Creations
and worked on letter recognition with our Vegetable Alphabet Game.
He practiced spelling his name with the alphabet vegetables.
Aiden LOVED the Letter V Search from Home Grown Hearts.  He did the worksheet three times. 

Aiden counted and graphed seeds.
We worked on pattern matching with a file folder game from Homeschool Share.

Emily pulled out a color matching game and helped Aiden match the colored crayons to the words.

Other Fun Activities:
A Garden Tool Shadow Matching Game and
a vegetable feely bag.  I gathered veggies we had in the fridge and put them in a pillow case.  To make it easier for Aiden to identify the vegetables I printed cards showing what vegetables were in the bag.  He would draw a card and feel for the correct vegetable.


He had fun playing with Mr. Potato Head.

Books and Craft:
We read The Carrot Seed and Growing Vegetable Soup.  After we were finished reading we cut carrots out of cardstock and painted over them with mud.  Messy but fun! 


We read How a Seed Grows, and took apart a lima bean, that I soaked overnight.  Aiden got a close look with a magnifying glass. 
We worked on putting Sprouting Bean Sequencing Cards in order. 

Aiden planted some beans, which we will be observing, and hopefully eating this summer!
   He watered his plants


and helped get our garden ready for planting.
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Jolanthe said...

Fun week, Cindy!!! Love the writing in dirt. :) See you soon!

Ticia said...

looks like a great week!

Michelle Gibson said...

Fun, fun week! I loved the vegetable feelly bag - what a great hands on activity to encourage them to try different veggies. Your carrot and mud activity was great too. My youngest son would love that. Loved all the other veggie stuff you did too!

htebazile said...

Great week, I love all the different vegetable activities!

sbswtp said...

So fun!! What a great week :) I am now following you :)

Brandie said...

Graphing seeds! What a great idea!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love the idea of the vegetable feely bag - we'll try it here too. And I really have to get going with some veggie planting in our garden too - thanks for inspiration!

Ashley said...

So many wonderful things your family did this week. Looks like a lot of fun.

Tam said...

love everything you guys did for this theme! thanks for sharing!

Deborah Stewart said...

Excellent ideas! I love your wonderful photos too!

Unknown said...

I love your veggie letters but the link says it's no longer available. Any way to still get it?

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