Friday, April 9, 2010

Preschool Corner ~ Firefighters and Safety

This is our first week participating in Preschool Corner.  Aiden is almost 3 1/2 so I decided it was time for him to graduate from Tot School and start Preschool activities.

Our theme this week was week  ~ Firefighters and Safety. 

Fireman Lapbook

Aiden loves anything that has to do with firemen and was very excited when he saw that he had his very own fireman lapbook.   The lapbook, which Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations created, included the following activities:

Fire Engine Puzzle - I thought the puzzle might be a little hard for Aiden to put together without a picture to go by so I printed a copy and attached it to the cover and cut the other copy.  He was able to use the cover as a guide and match the pieces without much assistance.  I used the lapbook title as a pocket for the puzzle pieces.


He counted spots on Dalmatians,


colored fire hydrants


copied fireman patterns (ABABA),


worked on spelling his name (somehow I didn’t get a picture), and matched pictures to silhouettes.



Our song this week was I’m a Firefighter.


ABC’s and 123’s

We headed outside and Aiden put out alphabet flames that I drew with chalk.  I would call out the letter he would find it and squirt it.


He practiced writing upper and lower case Fs using  Match, Trace and Write Alphabet Mats.


Aiden is working on learning his address and phone number.  I printed some colored houses, with our address on one, and the numbers 1-10 on the others.  We used them to work on learning our address, numbers, colors and when you should call 911.  You can read more about it here


Book and Craft

Aiden’s favorite book this week was Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

For our craft I added red and yellow paint to a piece of white paper and put a piece of plastic wrap on top.  Aiden squished the colors around and then he dragged the plastic wrap over the paper.

IMG_1842 He tore some brown construction paper and glued in to the flames.



We talked about things that are dangerous and shouldn’t be touched (knives, matches, etc.).  I found a printable here, but I didn’t want to join the site so I made my own.  Aiden cut out all the pictures of things that are dangerous and shouldn’t be touched and things that can be played with.


We talked about each item and he glued them to a file folder.


He practiced dialing our phone number and 911.


We talked about what to if there was a fire, sang, and practiced Stop, Drop and Roll


My Favorite Picture

How long you think it will take him to cut the grass?


To see what others are doing visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too!} at Homeschool Creations.



htebazile said...

Wow what a great week!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week! I love all of the safety ideas! I need to work on Sammy w/ his name and then his address!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Welcome to Preschool Corner! It looks like Aiden had a terrific week. I liked the idea of squirting flames outside - how fun. We didn't teach Anna phone and address yet - I don't necessarily want her to tell it to strangers, since she is pretty social with adults.

sbswtp said...

Great week! I love the picture of him cutting the grass :)

Mandy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you linked up to Preschool Corner. I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

Shelby said...

Sooooo cute! My son would love those activities!

Blu Grey said...

GREAT ideas! It looks like such a fun week. I love the houses with the road rug! I completely plan to copy that. (I hope that's okay) Thank you for sharing your ideas.
Mandy @

Unknown said...

Please stop by and add this to Read.Explore.Learn on Friday.

Unknown said...

But isn't STOP DROP ROLL mantra for when clothes catch fire?! Instead shudnt it be FALL and CRAWL ????

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