Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vegetable Feely Bag

This was a super easy and fun activity that both the kids enjoyed.  I gathered some of the vegetables we had in the fridge.


Printed, and cut apart cards showing all of the vegetables we were going to use for our game. 


Click on picture to download.

The veggies went into a pillow case.  The kids drew a vegetable card, felt around for the correct vegetable


and pulled the veggie out to make sure it matched their card.


The kids took turns describing what the vegetables felt like.  I should have written down their descriptions because they were quite funny (bumpily, broccolish).


When we were finished playing I cut the veggies up.  The kids covered their eyes and I feed them a little piece of  vegetable.  They tried to guess what I was feeding them. 


Aiden discovered that he likes peppers.  Emily still thinks they are gross!


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