Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Garden Edition

I have been changing our schedule around this week, trying to work with Aiden while Emily is doing independent work.  The problem is, Emily gets distracted and wants to help Aiden with whatever he is doing.  By the middle of the week I gave up and let Emily join in on Aiden’s preschool fun.  

On the days that the sun was shinning, we headed outside to work in the garden ~ so we did lots of learning outside.

Emily has been observing,


writing about her observations,


planting, labeling plants, (this counts as spelling and handwriting doesn’t it?)


and tending to her little seedlings.


Some highlights of the week:

It seems like Emily has one subject each week that she is all gung-hoe about!  This week it was math.  She completed two weeks worth of  lessons and only has two more to do before she is finished with Math-U-See Alpha.  

During quite time I peeked in on the kids, because they were actually quite, and saw this.IMG_1927

Emily was teaching Aiden how to play a video game ~ and they weren’t yelling at each other!

That was our week!  Visit Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what other homeschoolers have been doing this week .



Tristan said...

Sounds like a good week!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the picture of your kiddos playing together! Isn't is nice to have a moment to look at them and think, "Someday, they WILL be each other's best advocates?"

Loving Our Homeschool said...

My girls have been doing more and more "school-y" things together all on their own. It's so great! And of course labeling the plants counts as spelling and handwriting! :)

Stefanie said...

You've got to love an activity that is worth grades in 3 subjects.

Joesette said...

Looks like a good week. We've been doing a lot of gardening too...I need to remember to take pictures of it!

Cheryl Pitt said...

Awww, the sibling love is so sweet :)

kcmom2four said...

love the sounds like you had fun:)

JessB said...

What a cute picture of the kids. Yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I enjoy the times my kids aren't yelling at each other too- LOL. Absolutely that counts as spelling and handwriting!

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