Thursday, April 1, 2010

Story Cards ~ Easter

Aiden is really becoming quite the story teller lately so I decided to make some Easter Story Cards.

image image

I plan on using these for both kiddos.  Aiden, who is 3, will pick two or three cards and make up a story about whatever he has chosen.  

Emily, who is in 1st grade, will pick one or two cards and write a story.   We could also take turns picking a card, creating and adding on to the story until we use all of the cards. 


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Anonymous said...

These are so fun! My son has just started telling some simple stories. I will have to give him some of these and see what he comes up with! Not to be creepy person.. but we live in the same town :-) I recognized the Children's museum pictures :-). I am friends with Jolanthe!

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